Top 5 Trends in Business Computing

workers, and ultimately to keep up with your competitors. All this speed can make a person dizzy if you are not out ahead of the curve. Understanding trends in technology can mean the difference between increasing revenue on the one hand and a failed business model on the other. In this article, I will help put you out in front of the curve by showing you what is on the horizon in business computing. Some of the trends I discuss are already here, but they are in the beginning stages of implementation. Either way, in understanding these trends, you will be light years ahead of your competitors who don’t.

Trend #1: Cloud Computing is the wave of the future

Centralizing your data and applications on the internet, or cloud computing, is probably the single most important paradigm shift going on today. Instead of operating a LAN (local area network), with all of its connected workstations and security concerns, you do everything on a hosted internet solution. Gone are the old security problems of connecting a network to the internet, since your whole operation is already on the internet. Users interface with the data using what is called thin-client technology, or what are essentially dummy machines. These new age workstations don’t store anything on the hard drive, they just interact with the data and applications which are already online.

Trend #2: Mobile Computing is here to stay

If you can’t answer emails on your smartphone, you need to catch up with today’s technology. The trend of computing using portable smart devices like BlackBerry and iPhone is here. In the future, there will be greater and greater functionality offered in these mobile devices as the number of available applications explodes. Your business will be done on the go, in real time, without the need for later synchronization. Business communication has gone portable and it’s time you join the trend!

Trend #3: Social Networking is the new paradigm of business communication