A Detailed Guide on How To Use Instagram Stories

The number of people using Instagram stories keeps escalating day by day with the emergence of more businesses. This article explains how to use Instagram Stories. One important thing to remember is that posting too many stories on a single day can cause discomfort to your fan base to a greater extent

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are a content format in which users can create slideshows with images or videos or a combination of both and stories posted disappear in 24 hours. A story lasts longer than 24 hours if it is posted as a highlight. Your followers can view the stories you posted,Guest Posting and you also can see the number of people who viewed your story.


How to watch Instagram Stories?

Firstly, you should be a follower of the one whose story you want to watch. Stories usually appear at the top of the news feed in your profile. Profile photos appear within a circle that is surrounded by a ring of the Instagram color logo. This kind of appearance denotes that the particular person has posted some story on his/her account. You need just to click the circle-shaped photos to take a look at their stories.


How Can I Know Who Viewed My Instagram Storie