Benefits of Sub Ohm Tanks and Why to Offer Them to Your Customers

Sub ohm vaping will offer a variety of benefits to your customers. To sub-ohm vape means to vape with a resistance level of less than 1.0 Ohms. There are special tanks that allow for such vaping. One of the benefits of doing this is cloud chasing. Sub Ohm Tanks use larger and more powerful coils that will vaporize your juice much faster. This results in more vapor being produced,Benefits of Sub Ohm Tanks and Why to Offer Them to Your Customers Articles leading to huge clouds. There are cloud chasing competitions for this purpose. This kind of vaping also causes the vapor to be much warmer, which is a preference to some people. If someone who prefers big clouds comes shopping in your store, you’ll need to make sure you have a sub ohm tank available for them!

Another benefit to the feel of the vapor when using sub ohm is that the vapor is smoother in your throat. This is due to the high amounts of vegetable glycerin compared to propylene glycol. With a lower Propylene glycol content your customers will notice a smoother hit, and will also produce more vapor which acts as a perfect pairing for a Sub Ohm Tank. Sub ohm-ing also does wonders for the flavor, seeming to unlock more. Vaper’s tongue, also known as flavor fatigue, occurs when one loses the ability to taste their favorite flavor after using it for too long. For this reason, a customer of yours that is experiencing this issue may want to turn to a sub ohm tank in order to return the flavor.

The final advantage is the lung hit. With low amounts of propylene glycol, your customers can try deeper hits to move the vapor directly into their lungs. This works even for beginners that do not have as much experience with vaping. You should inform your customers of these benefits in order to further interest them in buying a sub ohm tank.

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