Biotin can protect nails

niacin together will have better efficacy.

Beautiful nails have become the girls indispensable decoration, more and more nail polish manicure products in the market, on one hand can make the girls with beautiful nails, on the other hand also imperceptibly to harm our healthy nails. How to make nails pretty and healthy?

Nail care tips: girls often use a water containing acetone to wash nail, this water can quickly make nail clean, but also make the nail becomes more fragile. About the composition of this water, formal products will be marked on the bottle body, acetone has other names such as two methyl ketone. But girls should not use this water to wash nail often, because no matter what kind of this water will wipe off nail protection grease and make them become dryer.

Girls may feel long fingernails will become more beautiful and more elegant, but this will make them more susceptible to breakage. In order to nail health, should be properly cut off a little nail length. Just trim the nails, you don’t need to worry about nail too fragile to breakage. If long time wash hands in hot water and soap, or containing soap liquid soap, it will give the skin and nails great damage, so that the nail is more dry and fragile. So the girls should less contact with hot wate vitamin H, it is an indispensable water soluble vitamin to maintain a natural