Computer Maintenance

A computer is a electronic device that is used to input, process, output and store information for later use. The computer is comprised of components that are hardware and software. For efficient use the computer requires a maintenance schedule.

Maintenance schedule of a computer has to be two ways, the hardware maintenance and the software maintenance. The hardware maintenance is to check that the computer is dust free and the components that require oiling like fans are well oiled. Make sure all the components are seating well on their various positions such as the memory and the processor and the hard drive. This is very important in the sense that by time components can have moved slightly and if continuously used like that it can cause damage to the computer especially electronically. For a healthy computer system this maintenance will be required to be carried out thrice a year that is after every 4 months when operating the computer in a good dust free environment.

The software maintenance is when one is to check weather the software are up to dates and the antivirus is updated and on the guard. The disk fragmentation software has to be run as well to make sure information is seating well on the computer hard drive. It is very important that the software is kept up to date so that if there are any vulnerability in the software that has been updated your computer will stay up-to-date. Temporary file that accumulate as the computer operate are also deleted to create space. The temporary files also make the computer very slow in process the commands hence they need to be removed from time to time. This has also to be done intervals, for the anti-virus it has to be updated automatically each time there is a new release