Creative Wellness Trends in 2010

What will be the hottest wellness trends in 2010? What is in and what is out? Which activities are must and what are the best things to do for achieving wellbeing of your mind and soul and good physical shape?

Good questions, I must admit! There are numerous TOP-10 and lists of wellness trends available globally. Still I doubt that there can be an universal ranking of wellness trends in 2010. It`s very tricky business to point out trends that apply for every reader. That`s why we gathered here some of the most creative and outstanding “trends” we found from wellness related media. We don`t claim those to be absolute truth. But I guess that everybody should find useful ideas to implement or at least nice reading.

Here we go with our pick for wellness trends in 2010:

Functional training. Instead of strength training, that focuses only on building your muscles, functional training helps you to train your body to cope better with simple daily activities. For most of us having muscular body is not an ultimate goal. We want to be able to carry heavy bags, climb stairs without being breathless, get up suddenly from the chair. That`s what functional training prepares us for.

Personal coaching and training. More and more people want to have personal coach on physical training, nutrition, and sleep. Universal formulas don`t work so well and therefore personal approach is needed. Additionally, having a workout at home on a guidance of personal fitness trainer is becoming more common.

Correct breathing. It turns out that even so natural thing as breathing, can improve our physical and mental wellbeing when doing it correctly. “While breathing seems like something that is innate to us, the truth is most people aren’t doing it right. There is an emerging breed of breathwork coaches who teach people how to maximize each breath to achieve true relaxation.” says Amanda Freeman from VitalJuice.

Sleeping better. Professional sportsmen say that sleeping is as important as hard trainings. Without pr