Football Fumbler – Have More Ball Control – Reduce Your Fumbles

Defenses are becoming more focused on how to strip the football from you quarterbacks and ball carriers. Honing their take-away football skills, defenses, practice ball stripping and take-away drills.

Quarterbacks and ball carriers you need to protect the ball more, have more ball awareness and have more ball control, to reduce the chances of a forced take-away.

Ball carriers, Football Fumbler is the perfect football training aid for you if you are dedicated to reducing fumbles and being stripped of the ball.

The Fumbler is a nylon cord that attaches to the football. It comes with the practice drills you need to run to have better ball control and reduce fumbles.

You hold the ball in your hand and arm like usual. Running at about half speed, your training partner jerks on the cord, simulating a defender jerking on your arm, trying to force a fumble stripping you of the ball.

This practice drill will increase your ball awareness and give you better ball control. The more you practice the more it will be second nature for you to protect the ball fighting off the ball from being stripped from you.

You will find you have more ball awareness and ball control while you are fighting for more yards.