Hippo can live in water and on land, concern of fish is genuine

What the corporate people have to learn from a dolphin,Hippo can live in water and on land, concern of fish is genuine Articles whale, hippo, crocodile, wide variety of fishes and frogs?  All the above listed animals live in water while some can come to the land and can survive on land also for a short while.  But for fishes, surviving on land is impossible.  All these information are known to people in most corporate and hence may think, what new is there to learn from these animals.















Fish can breathe only in water and they cannot live without water.  Whereas, dolphin and whale although can live in water, has to come out of water to breath. They cannot live on land. Quite contrary to both the fishes and aquatic mammals like dolphin and whale, crocodile and hippo can live on land for quite sometime and can live in water as well.  But both the animal has to come out of water to breath.  They too cannot live on land for longer period of time.


Which animal in the above list is most lucky or more evolved?  Fish can tell to the dolphin and whale that you can although live in water but cannot breathe in water.  Certainly, the dolphin and whale can reply to the fishes that they cannot live in land.  Crocodile and hippo can also snigger and giggle at fishes as they both can live on land and water as well.  But can they live on land forever?  If not, what great advantage they gain by having the dual ability or advantage.  Such ability is not complete and hence it is not expected to offer any great value.