How to avoid ingrown hairs and other skin irritations

… a great way to achieve a buff bikini line all summer long,How to avoid ingrown hairs and other skin irritations Articles but there are potential pitfalls, such as skin rashes and ingrown hairs. Follow our tips for a pain-free bikini-clad summer.

If this is your first time bikini wax, don’t attempt to do it yourself. A salon is a better option. Choose one carefully. Word of mouth is better than the phone book. Visit the salon to make an appointment and make sure it’s clean and the staff are professional and knowledgeable. Also go to a salon if you want a Brazilian waxing. Attempting this at home is a road to disaster.

Before visiting the salon for your bikini wax, don’t take a hot bath or shower as the heat can make skin even sorer. You should exfoliate before arriving though. This will help prevent ingrown hairs, which can get trapped under dead skin cells. It’s also a good idea to trim hair to about a quarter of an inch before a bikini wax.

Remember to plan your bikini wax around your holiday. Don’t get a bikini wax minutes before you get on a plane. It will take 24 hours for any redness and soreness to disappear. Similarly, don’t time your holiday for around four to six weeks after a bikini wax either as hair will have started to grow back but it won’t be long enough for you to get another bikini wax. Hairs needs to be around a quarter of an inch long for the wax to be able to grip them and you could end up with a stubbly bikini line on your holiday.

If you’re bikini waxing at home, make sure you pull hair out from the roots. Allowing it to break just below the surface of the skin could lead to ingrown hairs. Applying calamine lotion after bikini waxing should help soothe the skin and if you’ve visited a salon, they should give some soothing cream to apply when you get home. Loose-fitting clothes will also help with any soreness.