How to Set Up Your Own Internet Radio Station for Remixes

by more than just your little sister or brother or a few friends. You may have wondered if it would be possible to get your remix or beat on the radio or how easy it would be to have your own station. Well I can tell you that not only is it possible and free but it is fairly easy to do. What better way to advertise and get yourself out in the world and be heard than your own internet radio station. Some people even make money from their remixes this way as well, while others use avenues such as remix contests.

When I was younger, I created an internet radio station using Shoutcasts DSP plugin for Winamp as well as different fading add-ons, etc. It was amazing, I had people listening, I held call-in shows, took requests. I felt like a genuine DJ! The same thing is still possible today, albeit, with different software and setup.

One thing you will definitely need is a decent internet connection. Nowadays this is not as much of a problem as it was in the past, however the most important aspect of your connection will be your upstream bandwidth, which is usually significantly lower than your downstream bandwidth. This will limit the number of connections that you can host directly from your own connection. This can be taken care of by using a third party (free or paid) hosting service which you will stream your connection to. Because these hosts are powerful, they can handle many more connections than you can alone.