Michael Jackson – What Can We Learn From His Life & Death?

Michael Jackson’s astrology natal chart, which is a blueprint, of sorts, as to his Life’s Work & purpose indicates why his soul chose the journey it did. It shows the major lessons he wanted to learn and due to his and everyone else’s free will, was able to choose to go through the hardships and blessings and learn from them or not.













Let’s decipher the meaning of Michael Jackson’s Natal Chart and see if we can break through the mysteries around his life. First of all I want to say that the exact time of Michael’s birth is unclear, but as close as most astrologers can get suggests he was born just before midnight.

1st House Gemini:

Indicates a smart man with a good sense of humor. His goal was to be thought of by others as intelligent, but the mask he wore when he became uncomfortable was quite chameleon-like. People had a hard time trying to figure out his personality because it would change so often. He might be called mercurial. Did you know that Peter Pan was a Gemini-type fairy tale?

2nd House Cancer:

He was born to learn the value of family. Money was NOT his primary motivator. As many documented family problems have been reported in the past, Jackson had a very unusual birth family and because of his yearning for a close-knit & loving family, he built one of his own in later life. You’ll see more of this when we discuss his 4th house information.