NFL Super Bowl XLIV Miami

Majority of television viewers in America watch NFL super bowl. The day on which this game is played is considered as the national holiday in America and is also known as Super Bowl Sunday. This day is also the second largest food consumption day in America. The popularity of NFL championships can be compared to Thanksgiving Day. Major television networks of America compete to get the exclusive broadcast rights to broadcast this game.

Investing in advertising is very costly in this game because if a company gets only a 30 seconds of commercial slot during the game then the cost if one million. So for this reason companies show their most expensive advertisement for this broadcast. The reason of so expensive commercial slots is that if an advertisement is shown during the game then it gets great exposure and a lot can be made from it.

The NFL (National Football League) and AFL (American Football League) were once the rival leagues in America. Both these leagues formed a merger in an agreement. In the agreement,NFL Super Bowl XLIV Miami Articles it was agreed that the champion teams of both the leagues would play in the championship game of AFL and NFL until this merger continued. Each league became conference after forming of merger and the co