Overall Health: Fitness and Dieting

If we are to talk about having an extended and a healthy life, two components are needed to be considered. We have to consider fitness, and of course, diet. For sure many of us think that these two are just the same and cannot stand alone from each other, but reality check, they can be. It can be possible to still have an ideal healthy diet that comes with an improper fitness practice. Likewise, it is also not impossible to be very physically fit and buff but still satisfying a savory eating habits.













I always remember the line from a song by Jimmy Buffet “Fruitcakes” when the lady is crying for this line, “I treat my body like a temple…You treat yours like a tent”, in cases I visualize that all the human in the world who are into the process of garbage in, garbage out plans on their diet and are extremely willing and wanting to attain the weight loss success of those people, celebrities and sports figure advertising different diet products.

Is it achievable to take away extra pounds by dieting alone? To be totally honest, yes it is. Though it may be very difficult but still, it is doable. It is also within one’s capabilities to be fit physically yet still have small extra pounds present in their body. And in totality, we are what we eat. It reflects to who we are as a person. By consuming a rich fat but with low substance diet, our bodies for sure will lack the fuel that is essential in burning our body fat. Simultaneously, by not providing our bodies with the essential tools it needs in building muscles, the weights we are lifting will no longer matter and will become useless.