Pick a Category, Sell then Sell Again!

Many affiliates complain that it is just too difficult to focus on fewer affiliate programs. There are just too many good ones! But it really is imperative to your success as an affiliate.

One way around this problem is to pick a theme for your affiliate programs. Your theme could be travel or music. Or your theme could be certain types of information products.

Clickbank – http://www.clickbank.com – is perhaps one of the largest groups selling digital information products. There are thousands of web businesses selling all sorts of products with
a network of over 100,000 affiliates.

Although they only offer a single tier affiliate program for each product,Guest Posting the commissions are usually very high, often 50%.


But why is this so important?

What ClickBank do offer are their digital information products split by category. It allows the affiliate to focus. If you go into the shopping link from the home page you will see a number of categories.

For instance, you could click on the category Business to Business and then Education. Or you could click on the category Health and Fitness and then Diet.

When you click on each of the categories or sub-categories you can view a list of all the products being sold in that category.