Saved from the maw of the lion: testimonies of spiritual deliverance in cases of complex trauma.

Near the beginning of my ministry,Guest Posting our pastor invited me as an elder to assist him pastorally with a woman we will call Marilyn. She had recently come to Christ in a dramatic way after having been badly traumatized for most of her life, including thirteen years of chronic mental illness, which included frequent, forced admissions for extended periods to psychiatric hospitals.

Although Marilyn’s story is unusually dramatic, it provides important insights for pastors and laypeople alike. Marilyn’s testimony can help better understand the struggles some people experience on their way to deliverance. People with different backgrounds can experience demonic infestation in a variety of ways. This is just a single story, but it is authentic. It is one of many stories that confirm the spiritual dimension of the biblical worldview. While many people are helped by medical care and by mental health programs, there is still the possibility of other factors troubling a person, which may be healed only by the deliverance Jesus Christ offers.

Here’s the story of Marilyn:


My earliest childhood memories are filled with fear, for there was nowhere I felt safe. I still shudder when I think back to when I was six and became the victim of a traumatic occult ritual. It left me with physical scars, but also with many more emotional wounds. (This may sound bizarre to most readers. For some general info on this kind of extr