Second Hand Car Auctions

Lately I decided to buy a new car for my sister but I didn’t seem to find the right one. The budget was tight and brand, new cars were completely out of reach.

So, I decided to search for a used car instead, something that proved to be quite difficult.

The reason was that when you buy a used car,  you never know what you are going to get. Second hand cars can be in extremely bad shape without any way for you to know, as most owners try to cover up the problems prior to their sale.

The days seemed to pass without finding anything of value:I was finding one bad offer after the other. I would either find cars of good shape and high price or cheap cars of bad shape.

Then one day, I got a brilliant idea: what if I searched the Internet for second hand car auctions?

Now, second hand car auctions can be a great opportunity and let me explain why:

– The vehicles sold in second hand car auctions are usually largely under valued. This means that you can buy cars for one third of their normal  price.

– Now, most of those cars are in excellent condition. How, do I know? Well, the reason why the car originally went on sale had nothing to do with the condition of the car. Usually we sell a car either because it is too old, or because we want to buy a newer model. However,  cars that get auctioned are usually in excellent condition, lost due to the financial problems of their owner.

Now, I managed to buy an amazing car for my sister not only for a very low price but also at a record time: from the time that I found the offer in the Internet, to the moment that she parked it right out of her house,  only four days passed. Now, compare that with the one month of visiting junk yards searching for cars without any result plus the fact that we managed