Shopping For the Right Bar Stools

re you planning a new home improvement project? It may be a nice breakfast nook. Maybe it is a new wet bar in the family room? You will need good seats for your project. They should provide comfort and style. They should also be very comfortable. Safety is another important

Seat safety

Make sure that you new seats are not a fire hazard. What kind of material are they made of? This is important to consider. The material should be fire retardant. What type of swivel function do they have? Maybe they swivel all the way around. Perhaps it is only half way around. You may not want any type of swivel. A swivel may present a hazard to small children. Shop at a quality supplier. They will weld the swivel function for you. This will keep the seats stationary.


Find a seating supplier that gives you a large selection to choose from. This will give you the best options. Make sure that you get the right size, too. How long is the counter? You will need one seat for every two feet of counter length. How high is the counter? Take the measurement and subtract one foot. This is how high the seat should reach. It should be one foot