Social Media Marketing Strategies and Benefits – Strategies That Guarantee Benefits For Businesses

Social media involvement can help you keep customers, find and develop new ones, and manage your business reputation among other benefits. SMM as a new addition to your traditional marketing method is not at all similar to buying the latest fashion accessory. If that is the approach or mindset you adopt, then it is like marching with a noisy band with your brand new trumpet, only you have no clue how to play it let alone harmonize and make music! You may need to take trumpet lessons to begin with.

The importance of having an SMM strategy

Taking time to put together your social media marketing (SMM) strategy is the only place to begin this new journey. Putting together a winning social media marketing strategy is one of the least expensive but most effective ways to attract business and increase profits. However, do not jump into Tweeting just because everyone is at it. A LinkedIn profile right next to your competitor’s will gain you nothing without a strategy. At this point you deal with the ‘how’ and not with the ‘what’.

A plan of action (how) to reach your goal is your strategy. It is a military terminology and implies life and death. You strategize to win. Without a strategy you get into the arena awaiting life or death, without a clue on what you may expect. With a strategy you work your way to your desired goal.

Getting started: 6 dimensions to consider when you strategize

There are some parameters you need to identify in order to form a good strategy. You can get an idea of these by answering the following questions that deal with each dimension that you need to consider.