One of the most popular stag destinations in Europe is the small capital of Latvia,Guest Posting Riga. Riga’s popularity is soaring in recent times for a variety of reasons, consisting of the beautiful scenery, gorgeous women, a range of day time activities and the most exciting nightlife. All this guarantees that once you pay a visit to this city, you may never want to leave. Let us now see what this beautiful city has to offer to those looking for a weekend adventure.
The Food and Drinks in Riga:
So is everything you hear about the great food, drinks and natural beauty of Riga true? Of course it is.  The drinks here are not only cheap but good too and when it comes to bars and pubs, you literally have more than a hundred options. The food too is great and the options are varied. The mixing of Latvian and Russian cultures ensures that the food you get is unique and different, especially in case you are a meat lover.

The Outdoor Activities in Riga:
From Bo-Carting and paintballing to shooting, and bobsleighing, Riga has it all. Can you think of any better way for stags to spend their dream weekend? Not only this, you even get transportation to your various destinations and absolutely beautiful Latvian guides. Stag weekends in Riga are made even more enjoyable thanks to these activities and added facilities. Along with all this, if you go for sightseeing in this lovely city, do not forget to check out the Latvian forests that not only have scenic value, but historical value as well.
Parties and Nightlife:
Riga has all kinds of parties like beach and sauna party. Apart from these there are a variety of nightclubs with great cheap food, as well as gorgeous Latvian ladies. In case you wouldn’t mind spending a little more to get a lot more enjoyment out of your stag weekends in Riga, you could opt for having your own party in a highly luxurious coach with loads of drinks and strippers. This is one party you would definitely want to go back to, again and again.
Value for Money: