Top 7 Digital Camera Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

Digital photography is taking the world
by storm. Just look at the number of
digital cameras and related equipment
flying off the shelves. While digital
photography opens up a new world of
technology,Guest Posting eliminating the need to
develop film, there are also many
pitfalls and mistakes that newbies and
even proficient film photographers may
make. This article aims to highlight
these mistakes so that your digital
photography experience is much more
smooth sailing.

1. Using the camera’s digital zoom
The so-called digital zoom
marketed by most digital camera
manufacturers is one big gimmick. Don’t
be fooled by it. You see, digital zoom
simply performs an in-image crop to give
a ‘zoom’ effect. However, in doing this,
the image quality will definitely
suffer. I never use digital zoom in
shooting my digital photos.

2. Using too much in-camera compression
to reduce memory use.
Most cameras out there allow you to
specify the amount of JPEG compression
to be applied to your digital photos.
Applying some amount of compression
makes your pictures look nice and small
so you can fit more on your storage
card. However, using too much
compression will result in poor quality
images (which cannot be repaired).
Always consider this when choosing your
in-camera compression setting – aim for
the best compromise between image
quality and file size