Top 9 Peru Vacation Annoyances in a Light Hearted Way

Although most Peru Vacations go without a hitch there are a few annoying things that can get under your skin from time to time. I am not referring to safety as such, as on the whole Peru is actually very safe. I am talking about those smaller things which as a foreigner you don’t even consider might happen.

I have been living in Peru for a number of years now, and on the whole I really enjoy living here. Some cities and regions of Peru are more developed than others and some you might think are 20 years behind modern times.

Parts of Lima for example are really quite advanced. They have big modern shopping malls with designer outlets. There are supermarkets which have every type of food product available (even good quality British cheddar cheese!). Then there are some places which are very much the opposite. Overall the things which are annoying are probably cultural differences between what we are accustomed to, and what is the norm in Peru. But, I guess for most Peru Vacation trips you are probably looking for that authentic experience, not modern life as you know it.

Here are my top 9 Peru vacation annoyances, not in any particular order:

1) Street dogs
It’s not true for every city in Peru, but there is a real problem with dogs in the street. There are two types of street dogs out there. The first actually have owners and are roaming around freely, the second type are stray dogs. The primary reason for having a dog in Peru is to protect your property. No so much to fight off any potential intruders scaling your walls and trampling on your roses, but more to act as a kind of canine alarm system. It is quite acceptable to allow your dogs to roam the neighbourhood freely. Barking dogs, dogs eating the trash, making a mess and sometimes unfriendly dogs can be a real nuisance. Interestingly in the district of Miraflores in Lima (where most Peru vacation hotels are located) you will find not one street dog! There is hope!

2) Bad Driving
This has to be my number one annoyance for a Peru Vacation. In Peru (and Latin America) in general you will see very few women drivers. This is because driving is a male thing. It seems that when a Peruvian guy gets behind the wheel of a c