Toy Story 3: Top Movie Review

One day Andy takes out Woody, character fit to be in the top 10 movies list, from the box and packs the remaining toys in a garbage bag so that he can later put them in the attic. Mrs. Davis finds the garbage bag and keeps it out along with the other garbage. The toys take it that they are no longer needed by Andy and slip into a box to be delivered to Sunnyside Daycare.

The toys on arrival at Sunnyside are greeted warmly by the other toys who have Lots-O-‘Hugging’ Bear (Lotso), sure to be in the top 10 movies characters, as their leader. Soon the toys are assigned to children by Lotso and they find that unintentionally they are ill treated by the small children. Lotso’s right hand man is Ken, lovable and handsome, like the hero of the top rated movies, who starts liking Barbie, much like the beauties of top 10 movies and she also responds lovingly. Buzz, like the comedians found in the top movies, the space ranger complains to Lotso that they do not like here and should be given to older children but is rebuked by toys loyal to Lotso and made to take his position.

Woody goes to the orphanage to explain Andy’s intentions to the toys but they are not convinced and while returning Woody is picked up by a girl named Bonnie, as good as the loving mother of top rated movies, who lives in the orphanage. One of the toys in her room named Chuckles, exactly as the best friend found in the top movies, tells the interesting story about Lotso. Lotso, Chuckles and Big Baby who is Lotso’s chief enforcer in Sunnyside were once owned by a girl named Daisy. But one day when Daisy lost Lotso and replaced him with another toy, he snapped and on arriving in Sunnyside became the Boss. Mrs. Potato Head through her eye, which has been left in Andy’s room, sees Andy searching for his missing toys and this convinces the toys to escape from Sunnyside but while trying to escape they are held up by Lotso and his stooges.

Woody meets Chatter Telephone who tells him that the garbage chute is the only safe route to escape from Sunnyside. Escaping through the garbage chute the toys reach the Dumpster outside Sunnyside but are caught by Lotso and his lo