What Can Be Grown Inside During Winter?

Information is being discovered at lightning fast speed in the new millennium. No longer do we drive gas guzzlers. Now we are changing over to drive hybrid fuel efficient vehicles, some even run using water for fuel. Gardening is changing for the better also. We garden outside in spring and summer, but as fall and winter approaches only a small percentage of people garden year round.



This doesn’t have to be the case. New technology has led to the development of indoor, plug and play growing equipment Now indoor gardens are becoming common place.

Fresh organic vegetables, herbs and fruits can be speed grown indoors. Lettuce will grow from seedlings to salad greens in less than 20 days. Carrots are full grown in 31 days. Tomatoes started from seed grown hydroponically will ripen to perfection on the vine in the 5 week to 6 week range. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it. It is as true as the new vehicles that operate from corn or water!

This is the new wave of the future and the future is today. Be the first family on your block to grow an indoor vegetable garden year round. The economy has declined from the land of plenty we all knew and loved. It is fast changing to the land of the not so free and the home of the sheep.

What would you do if you were unable to go to the grocery market to purchase supplies for your family? What if all your friends and family were unable to get out to the grocer? If there was a quarantine do you have enough supplies to out last it? Do you have a secure growing situation?

Most people do not! Now is the time to begin preparation for the unknown. I’m not suggesti