Your Agency’s Most Important Client

There are just over 12,000 advertising agencies in America. The vast majority look and sound just alike. Any wonder that most clients have a hard time distinguishing one agency from another. There is nothing unique about them at all.

Finding a brilliant positioning is one of the most important and rewarding experiences an agency can undertake. You’ve spent so much time and effort working on other people’s brands now you need to make the decision to work on your very own.

There is no better use of your time than thinking about how to set your agency apart from the competition. But this is not a simple process that is resolved quickly. To produce a solid positioning that is lasting it must involve all the major stakeholders: principals, management and staff. It will most likely exceed the time you would normally commit to developing a clients brand.

Think narrow and deep rather than wide and shallow. If you are willing to take the time to dig deep and narrow of your brand, you will greatly expand the breadth of your agency. Who charges more for their services, the family doctor or a neurosurgeon? A specialist makes more money and a good surgeon will attract business from all over the country and doesn’t have to compete with all the other physicians just other neurosurgeons. For the ad agency, clients will know who you are and what you stand for and as importantly so will you.

Many agency principals agree to initiate the process only to lose focus and interest within a few weeks. They have to set the example. If its not important to you, it wont be important to your staff and this is the most important process your agency will ever undertake.

Your agency is probably doing a good job of differentiating your clients brand and adding value to their companies. Now is the time to add some value to your own by applying the same kinds of strategies and that you use to market your clients brands to marketing your agency’s brand. You treat your agency with the same importance as you would with any client. The difference